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FireBright1 Inc. was founded in 2010 by leading investors and engineers from Silicon Valley of the United States, with a mission to develop intelligent and reliable lithium battery packing, management and application technologies. Its core products include smart lithium battery management systems (FB-bms), integrated lithium battery packs for electric vehicles (FB-power), and lithium battery energy storage system for solar and wind energies (FB-energy).

It has R&D facilities in Shanghai, Beijing of China, Milpitas and Los Angeles of the USA, and production facilities in Shanghai. The management team of FireBright1 has 100+ years combined experience in IC system design, power source management, smart-grid structural design, and Lithium battery applications. Super strong R&D capability is our core competence, and the competitive performance and quality of FireBright products has won the confidence of customers in the electric vehicles and energy storage markets from many countries.

Sustainable development of human societies can no longer depend on conventional and polluting fossil fuels. The development of innovative energy storage technologies has become the “last mile” for us to fully benefit from clean energies, electric vehicles, and smart grid.  

At FireBright1, we strive to keep our common planet cleaner and greener.