Product solutions: Intelligent Lithium Battery Management System (BMS)

   FB-bms series lithium battery management systems (BMS) are developed by FireBright1 with patented technologies. It is in modular design and with proprietary SOC/SOH calculation algorithm and efficient active and/or passive battery balancing function. FB-bms is known for its high resolution, reliability, and low power consumption. It provides all types of lithium battery packs dynamic management, preventing them from over charging, over discharging and over heating, and thus making lithium battery packs safer and use longer.  

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  • SOC estimation resolution: proprietary SOC estimation algorithm, 98% accurate for Lithium Mixed Oxide battery (NCM/NCA) and 95% for Lithium Phosphate battery (LFP)

  • Voltage measurement resolution: ±1mV

  • Current measurement resolution: ±0.5%

  • Temperature measurement resolution: ±1℃

  • Proprietary cell balancing technology

  • Multiple channels balancing simultaneously

  • Balancing current larger than 1A if required

  • SOC difference less than 2%

  • Vibration proof, dust proof, and water proof

  • Prevention of static electricity and power surge

  • High level EMI-EMC design

  • Wide temperature design: -40℃~120℃

  • Self-diagnosis and self-restoration design

  • Multiple problem isolation function

  • High redundancy design

  • Multiple active and passive protections

  • Independent insulation detection on real time

  • Multi-channel thermal management

  • Convenient real time and archival data storing

  • Large LCD display of battery voltage, temperature, SOC and alarms

Power Consumption
  • Smart power management system

  • Master system: 150mW

  • Slave system: 50mW

  • Low energy consumption: 0.8mA when in operation, 12 uA when at standby

  • With the same investment, you own a real smart BMS

  • Competitive ownership cost. FB-bms works to maximize your battery packs’ consistency, safety, and service life, resulting in greatly reduced battery maintenance andreplacement costs

  • Modular design with plug-in connections for easy installation and maintenance