Product solutions: FB-power Integrated Lithium Battery Packs

  FB-power integrated battery packs are specifically designed for electric vehicles by FireBright1 with proprietary technologies and high-energy density lithium-ion batteries (NCM). Its main components include lithium battery modules, battery management system (BMS), and system cabinet. The battery pack is in modular design, and employs dynamic cell matching, intelligent cell balancing, and proprietary SOC/SOH estimation technologies. In addition, FireBright intelligent BMS is known for high resolution, reliability and low power consumption. It provides dynamic management to the lithium battery modules to prevent over charging, over discharge, and overheating.

  As the first commercialized power battery packs with NMC lithium battery cells (supplied by Samsung, LG, and other leading battery manufactures) in the China electric vehicle market, FB-power product line is the ideal green power source for all types of electric vehicles in terms of safety, energy density, service life and total ownership cost.

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Service Life
  • Designed service life for more than 10 years.

  • Assured by industry leading and proprietary lithium battery packing, balancing, thermal management, charging and discharging technologies.

  • Multiple hardware and software safety protection mechanism.

  • Patented battery cells and modules mounting racks, vibration-proof, fire-proof, and efficient air circulation.

  • Automatic system self-diagnosis and self-recovery function.

  • Intelligent battery management technology to guard against under voltage, over voltage, over current, over power, over temperature, and other system faults.

  • Enhanced safety and longer service life means less frequency of battery pack replacement.

  • Modular design for easy installation and maintenance saves time and cost.

  • With the same investment, you own a truly intelligent and reliable lithium battery pack.

  • Pollution free, light in weight, and compact.

  • High measurement resolution for voltage, SOC and SOH.

  • Active/passive battery cell balancing function for high level system consistency.

  • Efficient thermal management for enhanced system safety.

  • CAN communication and real-time data recording, archiving, and analysis.

  • Smart power output automatic management function to prevent traffic accidents caused by sudden vehicle stops due to low battery energy.

  • All products are customized for performance maximization.

  • Patented battery management system (BMS).

  • Proprietary battery cell matching, packing and balancing technologies.

  • Proprietary battery charging and discharging management technology.