Product solutions: FB-energy Energy Storage System

FB-energy lithium battery energy storage system (ESS) is developed by FireBright1 with proprietary technologies. Its major components include integrated lithium battery packs (BP), intelligent battery management system (BMS), multi-function inverter, smart energy management system (EMS), and intelligent charger. It is capable to store all types of electricity. The lithium battery pack is in modular design, integrated with dynamic packing technology, and managed with efficient balancing and SOC/SOH measurement technology for assured battery consistency, safety and longer service life. The proprietary EMS system works to optimize the operation of the ESS system and energy consumption.

To better service the different energy storage needs of customers, FireBright1 has introduced to the market the following 3 types of ESS. 

1)FB-energy 800: This product line is designed with smart micro-grid technology. With bi-directional inverter, it is capable to operate on-grid and off-grid to maximize the self-consumption of solar energy and achieve power independence and economy.

2)FB-energy 600: This product line is designed for customers in areas without utility power grid or with a weak power grid. With hybrid charging technology and off-grid inverter, it is capable to team up with solar power generator, wind turbine, diesel generator and utility power grid to provide stable and economic electricity. It also functions as a super strong UPS.        

3)FB-energy 500: This product line of ESS is designed as UPS power source for telecom base station and data center. With hybrid charging technology, FB-energy 500 ESS can be charged by a solar generator or other AC power. Also, it has strong expandability and is capable to support 10 battery packs connected in parallel.

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Service Life
  • Designed service life for over 10 years, 3 times longer than standard lead acid ESS

  • Assured by industry leading lithium battery packing, BMS, and EMS technologies

  • Multiple hardware and software, passive and active protection matrix

  • Intelligent system status and faults self-diagnosis and recovery function

  • Intelligent BMS that monitors and controls battery voltage, current, and temperature for safe operation

  • Highly integrated automatic system and easy to use

  • Modular design and easy to install and maintenance

  • Hybrid charging technology and capable to store all types of electricity efficiently

  • Large LCD screen that displays battery and system operation status

  • The most economic solution for quality and reliable electric power for areas without or with a weak utility power grid

  • When added to an existing diesel generator, the operation cost could be reduced by over a half and with less pollution and noise

  • Lithium battery has much longer cycle life and is capable for deep discharge. The TOC (total ownership cost) of FB-energy 600 is much lower than similar lead acid ESS

  • Pollution free and help reduce your carbon footprint

  • With one investment, you own an ESS and a super strong UPS

  • Dynamic battery packing technology to assure battery system initial consistency

  • Intelligent BMS technology to assure battery system safety and life

  • Smart EMS technology to optimize system operation

System Diagram